Ultrasound is the safest way of looking inside the human body. It involves the use of high frequency sound waves which are harmless to the body. We have one of the best radiologist in district Rewari to perform your sonography exam.

We are using one of the best Ultrasound machine by GE Healthcare which can help in any domain of disease identification.

Ultrasound is a simple, non-invasive and radiation free procedure and is therefore the 1st line modality in diagnosing a lot of diseases.

List of investigations for MRI

 Ultrasound whole Abdomen.

 Ultrasound KUB.

 Ultrasound obstetric.

 Ultrasound small parts.

 Ultrasound Breast.

 Ultrasound Neck.

 Level 1 scan( NT/ NB scan).

 Level 2 scan( for detailed imaging of fetus).

 Ultrasound Pelvis.

 Ultrasound soft parts.

 TVS( Transvaginal ) ultrasound.

 Ultrasound Scrotum.

 Ultrasound Thyroid.

 Ultrasound guided interventional procedures.


Some ultrasound may require fasting. Consult your doctor/ our team if your test requires a fast beforehand.

Some ultrasound may require appropriate bladder filling, and would require you to drink water, so that your bladder becomes full

A water based gel will be put on the examination area, it is safe and doesn’t itch. It is done for easy movement of probe over the area and for improved sound wave transmission.

You may be required to hold your breath or to change position while the ultrasound is being done, your cooperation and patience will really aid the process.


Ultrasound reports are handed over the very same day to the patients.

NOTE: According to PC- PNDT, performing a pregnancy ultrasound without a valid prescription from the consulting doctor is not allowed.

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