Colour Doppler

It is a duplex ultrasound to see how blood moves in arteries and veins.
It is done by the radiology consultant itself.
It is done for a no. of ailments and is done by combining traditional ultrasound with doppler ultrasonography.


 Colour Doppler- Obstetrics .

 Colour Doppler- Abdomen.

 Colour Doppler- Carotid.

 Colour Doppler- Renal.

 Colour Doppler- Limbs.

 Colour Doppler- Thyroid.

 Colour Doppler- Scrotal.

Colour Doppler- Penile.

 Colour Doppler- Pelvis.

 Colour Doppler- Orbits.


A detailed report is made after the examination is performed and the reports are handed over to the patients the same day.

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