Aman Diagnostic Centre is equipped with the best and most advanced GE 3D CT scan machine. It is enabled to perform CT Angiography. It involves X- rays, an array of detectors that can rotate around the body and sophisticated computerised system for detailed cross sectional and 3D scans of your body part.

List of investigations for CT Scan

 CECT Abdomen.

 CT Brain and Pituitary.

 NCCT Head.

 HRCT Chest.

 CT Chest( 3D reconstruction ).

 HRCT Temporal bone.


 CT Angiography Pulmonary vessels.

 CT Angiography Thoracic Aorta.

 CT Angiography Renal vessels.

 CT Angiography( upper and lower limb ).

 CT Angiography cerebral vessels.

 CT Angiography carotid vessels.

 CT Neck.

 CT Spine/ Knee/ Hip.

 CT Denta scan.


 CT Face.


Our staff will advise you if you need to fast beforehand.

For Abdominal and Pelvic CT, you may be required to drink water or oral contrast which highlights the bowel, 1-2 hours before the scan. Our staff will incorporate this time into your booking/ appointment time.

Relatives should avoid entering the room, to avoid radiation exposure.

Prior notice of Pregnancy as radiation is avoided during pregnancy.

Please advise/ notify the CT technician beforehand for

  1. Asthma history
  2. Impaired renal/ kidney function
  3. Having a previous allergic reaction to contrast media
  4. Taking any medication for chronic disease/ illness


The scan will be reviewed for quality of image and for clarity, and post that our senior radiologist would prepare a final report.

We try our level best to hand over your reports the very same day.

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