We are the best MRI centre in Rewari, with a brand new GE Signa 1.5 T MRI for your MRI scan. We are the first to get 1.5 T MRI to Rewari district.

MRI uses a strong magnet and a sophisticated computerised setup to generate a detailed image of the scanned body part. No radiation is used in the process.

List of investigations for MRI

 MRI- Abdomen.

 MRI- Brain and Diffusion study.

 MRI- Ankle.

 MRI- Hip.

 MRI- Foot.

 MRI- Lumbosacral( L/S ) spine.

 MRI- Dorsolumbar( D/L ) spine.

 MRI- Elbow.

 MRI- Hand.

 MRI- Knee.

 MRI- Arm.

 MRI- Shoulder.

 MRI- TM joint.


 MRI- Face and PNS.

 MRI- Fistulogram.

 MRI- Angiography.

 MRI- Venogram.

 MRI- Brain Spectroscopy.

 MRI- Neck.

 MRI- Orbits.

 MRI- Musculoskeletal.

As magnetism is present in the MRI room, prior information should be given for:-
  1. Cerebral aneurysm clip
  2. Heart valves
  3. Cardiac Pacemaker
  4. 1st trimester Pregnancy
  5. Cochlear implant
  6. Neurostimulator
  7. Orthopaedic implant

Also, for the patients who feel claustrophobic, prior notice should be given, so that sedation can be arranged to make them feel comfortable during the scan. MRI Technician is operating the scanner from the adjacent room, but the patient is observed all the time, in case of a problem or a feeling of claustrophobia, you can communicate with the technician.

In case contrast need to be given, prior notice of any renal/ kidney disease should be given, as this may prevent us from giving the contrast to the patient.

The scanner creates rumbling noises which are normal, the headphones provided by the MRI technician will reduce the noise.

The scan takes 15 – 40 minutes on an average, your patience will really help us with the process of your scan.


Get your previous scans for review on the date of your scan

Remove any jewellery or metallic object before entering the room

A gown will be provided by the centre to you before entry into the MRI room

Don’t carry credit/debit cards as they can be erased by the MRI scanner

Remove all gadgets and valuables and they will be kept securely for the duration of your scan


The scan will be reviewed for quality of image and for clarity, and post that our senior radiologist would prepare a final report.

We try our level best to hand over your reports the very same day.

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