X-rays are an important part of radiology. They are used to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions which include bone fractures, bone tumours, lung infections and tumours, other pulmonary conditions, kidney stones, bowel obstruction, intestinal perforation, etc.

We at Aman Diagnostic Centre, have one of the latest and modern technology digital X-ray machine by GE Healthcare for your scan.

X- rays have a significant exposure of radiation, so it is advised for the relatives and attendants to stay out of the examination room.

X rays may sometimes be followed by an MRI or CT scan to look into/ highlight the disease better. In case they are needed, the doctor would guide you and state the reason for the same.

X rays are contraindicated/ not done during pregnancy to avoid radiation exposure to the growing fetus/ baby.


 X- ray Abdomen.

 X-Ray Chest.

 X-Ray Skull.

 X-Ray Barium meal.

 X-Ray Barium swallow.

 X-Ray Barium enema.

 X-Ray HSG( Hysterosalpingography ).

 X-Ray KUB.

 X- ray Hip.

 X-Ray Knee.

 X-Ray Ankle.

 X-Ray Elbow.

 X-Ray Foot.

 X-Ray Hand.

 X-Ray Sacrum.

 X-Ray Sacro-iliac joint( SI joint ).

 X- ray Coccyx.

 X-Ray Wrist.

 X-Ray Shoulder.

 X-Ray Arm.

 X-Ray Thigh.

 X-Ray Soft tissue.

 X-Ray PNS.

 X-Ray IVP( Intravenous pyelogram ).

 MCU/ RGU ( Micturating cystourethrogram ).

 X-Ray Sinogram.

 X-Ray Fistulogram.

 X-Ray T- tube cholangiogram.

 X-Ray -Cervical spine.

 X-Ray Leg.

 X-Ray Forearm.

 X-Ray Mandible.

 X-Ray TM joint.

 X-Ray Lumbosacral spine( L/S spine ).

 X-Ray Dorsal spine.

 X-Ray Orbit.

 X-Ray Nasal bone.

 X-Ray Styloid process.

 X-Ray Mastoid.

 X-Ray Calcaneum.

 X-Ray Sternoclavicular.

 X-Ray Sternum.


The radiologist would interpret your X-Ray and prepare a report for the same. We try our level best to give the reports the same day.

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