We at AMAN DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE, are changing the face of radiology. We feel that medical imaging through its stunning medical, scientific and expressive possibilities highlights its role in modern healthcare.

India being a developing nation recognizes the need to bring advanced technology in the field of radiology as it not only helps diagnose diseases but can help us prevent a large number of ailments and diseases by screening them at an early stage.

Build on a High definition platform you know and trust, our GE Signa Creator 1.5 T MRI system can help deliver a definitive diagnosis in the most challenging exams. A new set of advanced clinical applications only present in new machines and not in old refurbished systems offer outstanding performance enhanced with anatomy specific components that take accuracy and certainty to a whole new level.


  1. Enhanced contrast.
  2. Reduced blurring.
  3. Smaller field of view( FOV ) prescriptions.
  4. Reduced artifacts.
  5. Homogenous 1.5 T magnet with a full field of view.
  6. HD gradients engineered for high-fidelity to produce high accuracy waveforms.
  7. HD Reconstruction engineered for real-time, high-performance image generation.
  8. Advanced, high-definition applications such as Cube and IDEAL that help deliver images with premium quality and clarity.

The eye-catching images associated with MRI are known to the world but their importance is not understood. We hope to inform the world to the stunning medical, scientific and even expressive possibilities of medical imaging, the essential role of the radiologist as a part of the healthcare team in countless medical scenarios, and the high academic and professional standards required of all staff working in a diagnostic center.

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